The Story of Buddy and Finn

I’m smiling, Finn is about to rip my face off. Typical.

This is the story of Buddy and Finn, the short version, because I just noticed how late it is.

I got Buddy (the gray one) to keep my remaining cat Beamers company when my other cat Veets died. Given the same circumstances, I will never do that again. I thought Beamers would be lonely without Veets and would like the kitten company, but in reality I think he would have just liked me all to himself in his old age.

Four or five months later Beamers died (my heart is still broken) and that’s when I got Finney.

Finney was extremely affectionate right off the bat and I was afraid he was going to become my favorite because Buddy didn’t like to be held or picked up. Beamers had been my favorite before, I always felt enormous guilt about slighting Veets, and I didn’t want a repeat of that dynamic.

So I showered showered showered Buddy with love and even though he still doesn’t like to be picked up, he responded to the love and he curls up next to me or on me and I can say in all honest I love them both equally.

They both came from a rescue organization called City Critters, so thank you City Critters for the two furballs of my life. Here’s to all the animal rescue organizations of the world!

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2 thoughts on “The Story of Buddy and Finn

  1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    My oldest (Suibhne) was a birthday present (semi-surprise) that started out awkward (I was terrified that he was going to die in my care, sooner or later)… then we were obsessed with each other…
    I got my younger one (Yoda) when I was moving out from the place I shared with my roommate and her two cats… didn’t want Suibh to be lonely, so in came 5 week old Yoda…
    found out very very quickly that Suibhne could care LESS about sharing me… hissing ensued, ignoring me, glaring at me…
    Now there’s an amicable tolerance of each other, more of a “get off her lap, it’s my turn”…

  2. Ha. Yeah, I wish my two cats were more loving towards each other. My first two adored each other even though I got them a year apart, too.

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