Cats are Freaking Lazy

I’m re-visiting my favorite photograph of Finney. He’d recently had an operation for a urinary tract issue (that’s why his stomach is shaved), but I was also under instructions to get his weight down. This was the aftermath of trying to get him to play.

Cat Surrounded by Cat Toys

Stacy Horn

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5 thoughts on “Cats are Freaking Lazy

  1. I love that you didn’t go out and spend $200 on “cat toys” because you know they always go for the toilet paper roll anyway… 🙂

  2. My dog’s all time favourite play toy is any cardboard box once it is empty. A mess to clean up (I refer to the event as “cardboard massacre”), but at least I can recycle the aftermath.

  3. Empty paper bags and aluminum foil balls are a big hit at our house…wastebaskets, especially when full, can be fun too.

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