Cats are Freaking Lazy

September 3rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I’m re-visiting my favorite photograph of Finney. He’d recently had an operation for a urinary tract issue (that’s why his stomach is shaved), but I was also under instructions to get his weight down. This was the aftermath of trying to get him to play.

Cat Surrounded by Cat Toys

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  2. By nadine on Sep 3, 2011

    I love that you didn’t go out and spend $200 on “cat toys” because you know they always go for the toilet paper roll anyway… 🙂

  3. By Stacy Horn on Sep 3, 2011

    And schrunched up pieces of paper!

  4. By nadine on Sep 3, 2011

    My dog’s all time favourite play toy is any cardboard box once it is empty. A mess to clean up (I refer to the event as “cardboard massacre”), but at least I can recycle the aftermath.

  5. By Mavis on Sep 3, 2011

    Empty paper bags and aluminum foil balls are a big hit at our house…wastebaskets, especially when full, can be fun too.

  6. By Stacy Horn on Sep 6, 2011

    Oh yeah. To all of those.

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