We Suck

I hadn’t followed the Troy Davis case but then I read this op-ed. I understand that friends and family want justice, but this is not it.

Americans invoke the name of God every chance they get, but ignore his commandments when it doesn’t suit them. Thou shalt not kill. (I’m agnostic).

I know people in this country like to think we’re better than everyone else, but so many times when we get the opportunity to prove it we fail. IE: We’re better than the Moslem extremists, in America we practice freedom of religion, except don’t put a mosque downtown. We’re slipping in so many areas, science, innovation, education, because we don’t seem to value knowledge and learning anymore. And now this.

I never supported capital punishment, but after researching my book about unsolved homicides and learning what I did about witness testimony I feel very strongly that if you’re going to put someone to death you shouldn’t do it without physical evidence. It feels like such a “duh” thing to say. I can’t believe anyone would argue with this point. I also want to point out that I say this feeling very strongly about unaddressed wrongs. What enrages me most about this is the fact that the person who fired the gun that night allowed someone else to die for his crime. He murdered twice (and who knows how many other times.)

I weep for humanity, we are so fucked up. Sometimes irredeemably so. I didn’t know what picture to put up following this post so I’m bringing back my rescued pigeon.

Rescued pigeon

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4 thoughts on “We Suck

  1. * I’ve thought for a while that execution should only be allowable in cases where there’s definitive DNA evidence linking the accused to the crime. There’s been too many instances where people were thrown in prison, or even executed, then vindicated many years later by DNA testing.

    * The desire for vengeance can be very strong after losing a loved one. But vengeance justice, which is one reason we have an evolved legal system.

    * Not that it makes much difference in this case, but the closer translation to the Hebrew is “thou shalt not murder,” a prohibition against killing the innocent.

  2. It has something to do with equating “we made a mistake” with “we are weak” and America is loath to admit to any shortcomings. How will this country ever get better if we are afraid of looking at what could use improvement? We need to stop screaming “We are #1” and start figuring out how to work towards that goal.
    I feel just sick about the Troy Davis outcome.

  3. And then there are people like you who get out of bed in the morning and rescue injured pigeons which reminds me that I can be happy to be part of the human race.

  4. Thank you for saying that. I also try to focus on the people doing things that remind me that we don’t suck all the time.

    The bible allows for capital punishment??? Another reason to chuck that thing.

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