Read This Now, You’ll Thank Me

It’s Mona Simpson’s eulogy for her brother, Steve Jobs. You might be thinking, enough already with Steve Jobs, I’m sick of Steve Jobs, or even, I hate Steve Jobs. But this is different. It’s incredibly moving. It’s moving not only because of the life observed, but because of the observer. It reminds me how even fictional characters can be so affecting they change lives. So it doesn’t matter what you think of Steve Jobs. Just read it. And thank you, Mona Simpson.

Holiday cleaning progress report: DONE. My apartment is so clean I can throw a freshly laundered white comforter on the floor, have a cat immediately jump into it, and not care.

My Cat Finney Curled up in the Clean Comforter

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2 thoughts on “Read This Now, You’ll Thank Me

  1. Thanks for sharing the eulogy link. It was such a nice story she told and gives you a completely different perspective on his life. I love the part at the end where she writes “we all — in the end — die in medias res. In the middle of a story. Of many stories.” So true. I’m going to use that in a bereavement card I have to send. Remember and share the stories of those that you have lost even if there are no more to come.

    Ok and Bones really is pregnant! I didn’t know that until tonight! No fakery there.

  2. I am SO HAPPY Bones is finally back. Freaking November!! And they’re together and happy and the scenes with Angela and Hodgins and the baby were just so sweet. Good times. Good tv times.

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