The Ponds are Leaving Dr. Who??

NO. Can’t we just, well, make them stay? I read the bad news that the actress who plays Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, is leaving Dr. Who, and that Arthur Darvill, who plays her husband Rory, will also be written out. Why oh why must the things I love change?? Oh, Darvill is also a composer I see. Interesting. Anyway, I loved the chemistry between the three characters, this is killing me. Sob.

I was walking around, enjoying the Christmas decorations, when I saw this very simple and original display in a window on 11th Street. To me it says: “Here I am! Hurry up, Santa! Don’t forget me! Here’s a candle so you don’t get lost, because I’m totally afraid that happens!”

Or, more concisely: “Mine, mine, mine!”

Original Christmas Decoration, 11th Street, New York City

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “The Ponds are Leaving Dr. Who??

  1. That baby-doll looks a lot like the one I bought my grand-niece who is nearly 2. However, the one I got her lights up if hugged (battery-operated.) I spent a long time debating between the lit-up face baby-doll and the talking baby-doll.

    How things have changed in 50 years since when I was a child!!!

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