Soon I Will Have a Mouth of Ugly Teeth

I’m getting my teeth pulled Thursday and it’s over-shadowing everything. Tomorrow for instance, is the start of the new choir semester, and we’re singing the Verdi Requiem. I’ve never sung it before, but we sang a little of it at the holiday caroling party in December, and you could tell by just those few snippets how gorgeous it is.

But all I can think about is after this week I’ll be going to choir rehearsals with a mouth of ugly teeth. Oh! I have to explain. My top teeth are capped, four of them, and they are pulling those when they pull the teeth. So I will have two fake teeth and two ugly temporary caps on the other teeth. To recap: a mouth of ugly teeth.

Okay, now I want to cry. I promise it won’t be all-teeth, all the time here. Except this week it kinda might be. By next week I will be resigned to it and hopefully moving on. With my mouth of ugly teeth.

Christmas lights on Perry Street. I love walking through these. I feel like a Christmas princess.

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7 thoughts on “Soon I Will Have a Mouth of Ugly Teeth

  1. You are an attractive lady now and you will be gorgeous when all this is behind you! It really is the WAITING that gets to you. I like for things to be over and done with! Happy Monday to you and Finney and Buddy!

  2. In my experience temps usually look surprisingly good. I predict everyone you meet will keep telling you they don’t look bad at all, and you will adamemtly refuse to believe them. I send you a preemptive bonk on the head. THEY LOOK FINE! 🙂
    But I also send you sympathy on the soreness you’ll probably experience for several days.

  3. Good luck with the teeth, Stacy. I hope all of this is as pain-free as possible.
    You’re gorgeous no matter what. Don’t let temp teeth keep you from knowing that or from smiling. Life is too short to be self-conscious. Nobody ever notices these things as much as you think they will. And I say this with a long history of not smiling because of braces, being embarrassed by cold sores, sucking in my mummy tummy (which I’ve given up trying to get rid of), etc. In fact, that should be comforting. Realize that most everyone else is worrying about something in their appearance, which keeps them too busy to worry about yours! 🙂
    LOVE the Christmas lights picture.

  4. Trying trying trying.

    These are not lab processed temps, which should look okay. These are temps my student dentist whipped up and they’re going to be ugly and I’ll be wearing them for three – four months. Oh woe is me.

    But thank you for the encouragement, I know however ugly they are, it won’t be as noticaable to anyone else as it will be to me.

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