Things I’m Doing Instead of Going Out There

– Learning one of the dance routines for National Dance Day. Last year even the so-called “easy” one was too hard for me. Talk about an esteem-crusher. But I must not have been alone because this year the easy routine actually looks do-able.

– Participating in an International Standard Pitch survey. The standard pitch is the A above middle C, it’s used in tuning. The survey is being conducted by the Levitin Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition and Expertise at McGill University. I came across their work while researching my book, so anything to contribute to their wonderful investigations! “The objective of this experiment is to investigate whether the general population has a preference for one pitch standard over another.”

Actually, I did go out this morning. On my way home I passed by a photo shoot a half a block from my apartment. Note to model gawkers: Hang out on Perry Street. The thing is …

Model Shoot on Perry Street

… this model looked so fantastic every shot I took came out great. I wonder how the photographer will be able to pick just one. The suit she has on is incredibly beautiful, but completely unwearable.

Model Shoot on Perry Street

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2 thoughts on “Things I’m Doing Instead of Going Out There

  1. Well, sometimes they do things just for show, for pictures or for the runway, and they don’t ever intend people to actually wear them on the street. I think this was one of those kinds of outfits. Madonna might wear it, but we wouldn’t.

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