My future heartbreak?

I’m thinking of adopting this cat. I have to make up my mind, like now, and call. He’s wonderful, but I’m torn. Am I doing the right thing for Finney? Will I love the new cat as much as I did Buddy? He’s not vocal they said, and I kinda like cats that talk. Buddy squeaked every time he jumped on the desk to be with me, and meowed when he wanted attention. But I shouldn’t be looking for Buddy. If I get another cat I should open up to what is lovable about this cat. I didn’t much like Buddy at first, he hid for days, and wouldn’t let me pick him up (and never liked being picked up). Then he became the most lovable cat I believe I have ever owned, with endless quirks that made me love him even more.

The picture isn’t sharp because I didn’t want to turn on the flash and he wasn’t being completely still.

Update Below!

This cat had just come into one of the places where I was looking. I started to say I’d foster him, but the woman I was working with (at KittyKind at the Petco at Union Square) didn’t think that was a good idea. They didn’t know anything about him yet and it might be too stressful for Finney and me. But he looks just like Buddy, so my heart leapt.

Another update below!

Buddy when he was first rescued. This was weeks or maybe a month before I got him. Buddy’s adult face was not unlike this grey cat’s.

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9 thoughts on “My future heartbreak?

  1. Siamese cats are intelligent, talky, and in my experience cuddly. They like to sleep with other cats, sometimes in a sort of pile. Mine have all loved each other and adjusted pretty quickly to each other. My one non-oriental fit right in with them. If you know that this is a sweet cat, go for it.

  2. It will be impossible for you not to compare any new cat you adopt to Buddy. I have no words of advice on that front!
    It took me about a year to adopt a cat after Paisley died and it was the saddest year of my life (never made it home after work before I started crying. EVERY DAY. I must have looked like a raving lunatic.)

    So… What did you end up doing in the end? Which did you choose?

  3. I had to laugh over the assessment that the Siamese boy you are thinking of adopting isn’t “talkative”. In the photo you took, he looks most eager to tell you all about himself. My experiences with Siamese cats are like Lucy’s comment above…very loving, engaging, accepting and vocal.

  4. But the place who has him (The Humane Society of New York) are the ones who told me he isn’t a talker. I agree that he looks engaged though, so that will make up for it, I’m sure.

    Nora, I’m the same way. Coming home is so hard. Finney greets me, but I always look at the spot where Buddy would be. Oh god. Crying again.

    Luce, thank you. He is incredibly sweet, which is why I settled on him vs others I saw. I think there’s a better chance he and Finney will get along.

  5. He is gorgeous. I’ve never had a Siamese, but that’s my goal, the next time I get a choice (I get the cats that keep shown up in my backyard). And yes, he will definitely be a heartbreaker — Siamese are intensely people-orented. Lucky you.

  6. Oh no, maybe I should have gotten him. But no. Every time I looked at him I’d want him to be Buddy. I think. That will happen a little with the new guy too, but I think that will stop faster with a cat that doesn’t look anything like Buddy.

    I’ve always wanted a siamese after learning how intelligent they’re supposed to be.

  7. We’ve had Mr. Morrison for 14 months now, and he didn’t get vocal for the first 10. And now he downright *shouts* at us if he wants something. He’s got a whole vocabulary of little grunts and noises that we knew *nothing* about for the first year. So Humane Society might not have any idea, especially if his previous owners weren’t paying attention.

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