Tomorrow is a Month

A month since Buddy died. I’ve got two more months of mourning before I’m officially a crazy person, according to the pet bereavement counselor. Thanks to Bleeck though, I’m officially out of the woods. That makes me feel bad. Like, I took a drug instead of giving Buddy his full-mourning-due. He earned it.

Every day though, I cry about something Buddy related. Yesterday it was about magazines. I always had to put my magazines out of Buddy-reach because one of his ways of getting me up quicker in the mornings was to shred my magazines. At night I had to remember to put them on a shelf or in the morning I’d hear rip-tear-rip, a never-fail method of getting me to jump up on command/shred. Buddy was so smart. I had to child-proof the refrigerator and the cabinets because he could open them all.

Isn’t it funny how these really annoying things become the most tender memories? I don’t have to put magazines out of reach anymore. I don’t have to lock up the refrigerator. I’m crying again just typing about it.

A poet in Union Square. Note the typewriter.

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

By now you’ve all heard about the papyrus fragment from the 5th century [TBD] which refers to a possible wife of Jesus, recently presented by Dr. Karen L. King, the Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard. Interesting! But even King says this doesn’t prove anything, but it does indicate that in the 5th century, some Christians possibly believed Jesus did have a wife, and maybe he did. The Bible doesn’t offer conclusive evidence that he didn’t.

I think it’s important because if it’s genuine, it appears to at least indicate this woman’s importance (who may be Mary Magdalene). The article is interesting, just for the quick history it gives. It’s amazing how misconceptions (and lies!) about Magdalene persist.

I passed by a wedding yesterday, and everyone was so attractive I thought it might be a photo shoot, but the photographers all looked like regular people, there weren’t any special lights, etc.

Closing the Kitten Proximity Zone

Bleeck: Hmmm. So close to the comforter of Heaven. Plus, I’m bored.

Finney: WTF? You’re kidding me, right?

Bleeck: I’m just going to lay down right here, on the edge. You won’t even notice me.

Bleeck: Yeah, that wasn’t too hard. What can I destroy next?

Bleeck: Maybe I can actually get on the comforter of Heaven.
Finney: Kill the kitten. Kill the kitten. Kill the kitten.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid

Instant: The Story of Polaroid, definitely goes into the category of: books I wish I got to write. But Chris Bonanos, who writes for New York Magazine, (and who married a friend of mine) got to write it and as far as I can tell he loves Polaroid and the story as much as I do, and he did a great job, so … okay. Congratulations, Chris!

“Edwin Land was one of Steve Jobs’s first heroes, and this book shows why. He created a startup in a garage that grew into a company that stood at the intersection of creativity and technology. This is a fascinating saga, both inspiring and cautionary, about innovation and visionary leadership.” — Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

Bonanos also has a truly great blog for the book which includes links to all things Polaroid and information about The Impossible Project, which is bringing Polaroid film back. There’s also a link to a special edition of the book which includes SX70 portraits of some of the people mentioned in the book.

I passed by a film shoot, for the show Law and Order I was told. Who is this actor? It’s been bugging me. I don’t watch Law and Order (sorry) but I know I’ve seen this actor in other things.

Update: Thank you, Renee Tobin! It’s Chi McBride. I should add, even though he looks like he wants to kill me, he was incredibly kind to the fans who asked him to pose with them. He took a few minutes to do this, and leaned down and talked and joked with everyone. You should have seen their smiles.

Junk DNA Discovery or as I like to say: Science is Pretty Fucking Exciting

Excuse my language, but come on. I just finished the Times article about the junk DNA/Dark Matter discovery. My heart is pounding.

I remember when I first heard the term “junk DNA” and the idea that it served no purpose. That’s ridiculous, I thought. They just don’t know what the purpose is yet. I’m no genius and now I’m thinking I must have misunderstood the term, because who could have come to the conclusion that it served no purpose. We don’t know what it does so it does nothing?

In any case, WOW. Please read the article. The implications are far reaching and astounding. A great use of federal funds. Thank you government and science!! Congratulations!!

And now for lots of cute. First up, Bleeck’s belly. Painfully, painfully cute.

And, evidence of progress. Bleeck is successfully shrinking the allowable kitten proximity zone. For comparison, the previous allowable kitten proximity zone follows.

See? Progress. The last cute shot is of a new puppy in my neighborhood …

I’ve seen him twice now. He’s, like, movie star adorable. He’s very very tiny. I wish I had included something for scale.