My Tribute Movie to Buddy

Sayaka said I should pray to Buddy every day for two months, for his spirit to move on. I didn’t pray every day, but often in the mornings I would talk to him. I’d tell him he was the greatest cat ever and he deserved to go to a wonderful place and that I was sure he would.

It’s fitting that I finished my tribute movie to him last night. Today makes two months exactly. As I say in the YouTube description, I realize this movie is probably boring for anyone else to watch, but I worked long and lovingly on it. I cried while touching up the last three photographs of him. His skin was dry and flakey and it showed. Normally I gave him fish oil every day. It was for his general health, but it had the side effect of giving him a luxurious coat. Toward the end, I stopped giving it to him. He always hated it so there was no need to torture him with something that could no longer help him. (You can even see me giving it to him in the movie, after I pill him.)

I’m going to be glad to have this movie to watch from time to time to remember him. But it just makes me cry now.

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11 thoughts on “My Tribute Movie to Buddy

  1. I hope so!!

    I love the pigeons shots too. I’ve also made a note to myself to make more movies of Finney and Bleecker. I wish I had more of Buddy now, and I’m so glad I have the ones I do.

  2. Besides the fact that I’m sobbing now, let me say that was lovely Stacy and so very heartfelt. Buddy would be pleased. I love that version of Over the Rainbow.

  3. That was so beautiful, Stacy. I’m sure he’s resting peacefully somewhere, remembering his warm and happy life with you and Finney.

  4. We were. He was so perfect for me. Thank you. Thank you all. It’s nice of you to take the time to watch that. As I say, I know it was LONG.

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