My Throat Hurts When I Sing the High Notes

I’m either tensing up too much, or it’s singing-cancer (sorry, that’s the way my mind works). I’m sure it’s something I’m doing because it started when I was in a rush to warm up a few weeks ago and I went straight to the high notes. I pushed too hard and too fast and hurt myself. Ever since, after singing for a while I feel pain in my throat whenever I hit the high notes. So, I’m going to start by seeing a vocal coach.

If anyone has gone through this, I’d love to hear about your experiences. I know I have a lifetime of bad singing habits to un-do.

More #20Acts and #26Acts. Some people do 27 to include Lanza’s mother and some people are even doing 28 to include the shooter because he was a damaged soul as well. Ann Curry who started it all said it was an individual decision. Honestly, I don’t see how one or two more kind acts is a bad thing.

A high school teacher told her students: “Go up to the quiet kid at lunch. Be the loners lab partner. Offer a kind word.”

“Went to ToyRUS and paid off someone‚Äôs layaway.” (I just read that someone paid off all the layaways at a Walmart.)

“Just paid the school fees for 25 children with AIDS in Mombasa, Kenya.”

“Gave a red dress and $ for shoes to a sweet 8yo in mem of Charlotte Bacon who wore her new dress&boots on Fri.”

“Got bumped upgraded to business class on my flight to London from US, gave it to a crying woman by herself.”

Christmas tree shopping on Jane Street in New York City. I love the what looks to be a cowboy with the iphone.

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4 thoughts on “My Throat Hurts When I Sing the High Notes

  1. I love your last posts. The true spirit of Christmas and humanity. It is a little sad that we all can’t do that 365 days a year and not just when tragedy hits. If we all try everyday from now on with just 1 act of kindness think of much better our lives would be. One simple thank you or smile goes a long way!

  2. I give $25 every month to a different charity or person – whatever catches my eye in the news at the moment. I have another amount deducted out of my paycheck to three causes (Piedmont Land Conservancy, NC Audubon and Carolina Raptor Rehab). I guess I’ll bump it up to $26 in honor of those at Sandy Hook.

    Like minds must think alike. Nosebleed – nose cancer; bump on my finger – finger cancer. Actually the nosebleeds come from this dry dry weather and the finger bump is due to ganglion cyst.

  3. Chapped lips cancer, dry skin cancer, common winter cancers. I love that you give so much to charities. I’m more sporadic. I give when my friends or relatives ask me to support a charity they are supporting, and then here and there to animal rescue organizations.

    Karen, I agree, you don’t have to do a lot to improve someone else’s day. As I get older and more invisible, for instance, I try to make a point to meet the eyes of the oldest people I see on the street, just to say, I see you. I smile if it feels right.

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