See me looking terrified, LIVE!

June 6th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I agreed to give a talk about the Duke Parapsychology Lab today at the Learning Annex. I knew it was an online class, and I knew it was going to be filmed, but somehow I missed the fact that it was going to be LIVE. I thought we were going to tape it in a studio, meaning we could re-do anything obviously bad, but no. They’re streaming it live.

It costs 99 cents, but if you click here [the link is gone now] at 3:40pm today, you can watch me stumble, lose words, my place, and whatever sense of self-esteem I have left! Oh god. It won’t be that bad, right? Oh god. I will try not to have a full-blown anxiety attack on camera, although I appreciate that that could be very entertaining … IF YOU’RE A SADIST.

Cops outside the library, protecting the patrons in the days following bin Laden’s death.

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