Amazon Knows I Have Memory Issues

February 3rd, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

Below is the most recent book they recommended to me (it’s a book I wrote). Thanks, Amazon!

I’ve got Puppy Bowl IX on. I want a hedgehog. Except I won’t get a hedgehog, because I know Bleeck would most certainly … have fun with it. But come on. Hedgehogs, cutest spikey creature in the world. You know, we could finally beat out the Japanese in the Appreciating the Cute category and open a hedgehog cafe, the way they have cat cafes, and people could come in for a cup of coffee and a hedgehog on the side.

Oh wait. My book is a “bargain” book. Doesn’t that mean, ‘no one is buying it so we’re going to try basically giving it away’?

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