The Music in My Book and Victoria’s Agnus Dei II

A couple of people who have reviewed my book talked about the need to hear the music I wrote about. My publisher looked into including recordings in the ebook edition, but I think between getting permissions and the cost it just became unworkable.

I worry that people won’t find the right pieces. For instance, Victoria wrote more than one Agnus Dei and there are two in the mass I wrote about. The Agnus Dei I feature is the second one. I found a lovely version on YouTube, sung by the Choir of St Martin in the Field.

I thought of putting together a Spotify playlist. But how many people use Spotify? Perhaps I should make a page of links here.

Grace Church, the place where the Choral Society sings, in 1846, when it was just built …

Grace Church, New York City, 1846

Grace Church now.

Grace Church, New York City, 1846

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6 thoughts on “The Music in My Book and Victoria’s Agnus Dei II

  1. I just created a Spotify playlist called Imperfect Harmony. I’m missing one piece I wrote about, Toward the Unknown Region. Now I have to figure out how to tell the world know it’s there.

    Oh, I see sending it as a tweet worked! Do I have to be logged into Spotify for people to be able to access it?

  2. Spotify doesn’t work in Canada.
    But I bought a Kindle version of your book yesterday! THAT works!
    Congrats to you on all the great reviews you’re getting!

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