The Tardis Crashes into Perry Street Again!

Yay!! Thank you whoever does this. It is such a pleasure to see every year. A few more shots around the City below, but it’s impossible to compare to the Tardis. The Tardis always wins.

Tardis Perry Street

A skeleton. What the hell is that coming out of its mouth??

Halloween, Greenwich Village

A front yard in Brooklyn. They threw in every scary thing they could find. There was also a mummy at the top of the steps. Maybe I should show the mummy. That was kinda cool. Yeah. See below.

Halloween, Brooklyn

The mummy. Wait, is that a live thing next to its feet?

Halloween, Brooklyn

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2 thoughts on “The Tardis Crashes into Perry Street Again!

  1. The Perry Street Tardis has a large
    Dalek below it next to the front door. It gets better every year.

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