A Great Lecture about Singing by Dr. David Mennicke

Dr. Mennicke is the Chair of the Music Department at Concordia University. The title of his talk is: When in our music God is glorified: Trinitarian Reflections on Music, Faith and Learning. It may sound like a very religious topic for my blog, considering the fact that I am an agnostic. But I always talk about how sacred music creates a beautiful middle ground which can be occupied by people of faith and people like me, a place where we can discover and inhabit our common spirit.

Dr. Mennicke makes some of the same points, but from a different angle, and he also has a lot of other good points. I’m happy to post his talk here because the world needs to be reminded that these beautiful middle grounds exist, and that people who think differently can occupy them together—literally and not figuratively in harmony—and create something that transcends even the beauty of the music. Dr. Mennicke also can be very funny, as you will see, and there is some incredibly gorgeous music by Heinrich Schütz in his talk!

[Video removed because the link no longer works.]

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