Pigeon Rescue Scare

Yesterday a pigeon got trapped in what looked like some string on the roof across the street. The poor pigeon was hanging upside down, flapping it’s wings frantically, clearly terrified. Birds were flying all around it, screeching, just as frantic. It was horrible.

Luckily, a friend from choir lives in that building so I emailed her right away and asked if she’d let me in so I could try to free it. She responded almost instantly and said she’d buzz me in and meet me by the elevator. In the time it took me to throw on some clothes the bird had managed to free itself, thank God. I’m afraid of heights and it would have involved some serious leaning over action in order to reach down far enough. I would have done it, but I was freaking out just imagining it.

The spot where the pigeon was caught was on the red building, on one of those repeating ornamental things under the roof overhang, I don’t know what they’re called. Here’s the view from my window. A closer looks follows.


I thought it was a loop of string, but it looks like they’ve made a nest inside one of those things I don’t know the name of. That’s a very small opening. Maybe the pigeon got it’s leg wedged into one of the sides somehow. I hope I don’t witness that again. But I do hope to see babies soon!


Stacy Horn

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