Time Warner is Totally Down

November 15th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

Time Warner went down in my neighborhood, the West Village, yesterday afternoon. Not just the internet, but all their services, internet, tv, phone, everything. Their wifi is up this morning, which is how I’m here, but everything else is still down. I only just recently learned they even offered wifi, and it wasn’t up last night, but it is now, thank god. I felt so cut off! I don’t know how wide-spread the outage is.

So I started watching the current season of Homeland. I don’t think I can continue with it, though. Nothing good is going to happen to that poor young Pakistani man, and I can’t bear watching unhappy things anymore. I need shows like Bunheads, and only shows like Bunheads. And of course Bunheads got cancelled.

Scrawled on the wall somewhere between my apartment and my dentist at NYU.

Scrawled on the Wall, New York City

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