I’ve Changed My Mind a Little About Public Shaming

I think [Name Removed] Capital Management Group LLC just told me to go f**k myself. It’s like the non-apology apology. As you will see, they really don’t want to be of assistance to me. I have a teeny SEP/IRA with them (that I totally forgot about) and I got a K-1 in the mail from them yesterday. Except I’d already filed my taxes. I’m actually quite sympathetic to getting these out late, I get them out late for Echo every year, but less than two weeks before taxes are due? So I emailed them about it and this was the response I got:

Hello Stacy,

Thank you for contacting Partner DataLink for [Name Removed] Capital Management Group LLC. I am sorry but PTPs are not mandated to issue K-1s until prior to April 15th.

Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.


[Name removed]
Partner DataLink for [Name Removed] Capital Management Group LLC

Translation: We don’t send them out to you in a more timely fashion fashion because we don’t have to. Anything else I can not help you with? I didn’t think so. Don’t write again.

Actually I don’t even need to translate. Their message is completely transparent. They apparently want me to know just how little they think of me and my teeny SEP/IRA. Okay, this shaming is not quite so public since I removed identifying details. I’m more outing the behavior than the specific company and person. Although I guess this is a bit of a luxury problem.

Pigeons and other birds in Union Square, except these are not real! They are made of felt. I love these! The artist, Tina Trachtenburg, even included a fake slice of pizza. The way one of the starlings was posed you could just feel the longing.

Pigeons Union Square, New York City

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