NYU Talk on Thursday

I’m going to be part of an event at NYU in April 17th titled: Mistakes Were Made: Computer History, Decompiled. This event is being produced by Laine Nooney, a computer and video game historian in the Media Studies Department at NYU. There’s still time to register! Lots of smart, interesting people will be giving talks. Jason Scott, who started the twitter account for his cat, Socks, aka Sockington, Sockamillion, etc., will be there.

Graffiti I liked. Now where was I? Broadway?

Graffiti New York City

I Need to be More Selective about my Reading

And viewing. The other week, just before leaving for choir practice I watched this video of a cop abusing an Uber driver. It’s so awful my heart was still pounding when I got to the church.

And just now I just read this article about orthodox Jewish men demanding that women change their seats on airplanes. Again, my heart is pounding. Why do I watch and read these things??

On to nicer things (unless you are Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). An Easter bunny in front on the Cynthia Rowley Curious store. Actually, this bunny has a very skeptical expression, doesn’t he (or she)? This bunny is not at all sure about me.

Bunny, Cynthia Rowley Curious

Easter Parade – They’re Still Here!

Every year I check the pictures of the Easter Parade on Gothamist to see if anyone I photographed in the past has been included. Here is a picture of a couple I photographed in 2012. I think they look younger in 2015 than they do in 2012! The picture was taken by Tod Seelie, who is clearly a better photographer than I am.


My shot of the same couple in 2012.

Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, 2012

Research Heaven

If all goes well, this week I’ll be conducting research at the archives at the United Hospital Fund (today) the Municipal Archives (tomorrow and ongoing) and the New York Public Library (Wednesday).

Today is a bit of a long shot though, and I’ve been warned that they don’t have much, but you never know. Maybe I will come across something small, but crucial. I will report back.

Okay, apparently I can’t stop taking pictures of dogs. Look at that cute doggie butt in the upper left hand window.


Bach in the Subways Final Video

But, but, you can’t hear the sopranos! Very unusual. Normally soprano voices carry no matter what. Maybe we were the most off and they edited us out? We were the most off in rehearsal.