New Glitterbox for Finney!

I have to make a special litterbox for my cat Finney because he doesn’t squat when he pees. The litterbox has to have very high sides or else he’s peeing into the room. So I buy a storage box, cut a hole in the front for him to be able to get in easily, and then, so it’s pretty, I decorate it with glitter. Hence, I call it a Glitterbox. That opening really should be rounded, I keep forgetting.

I planned to start a business making these, and decorating them in a variety of ways. For instance, I was going to hire graffiti artists to decorate a line. I got stalled finding a place to manufacture them, however. I should still do it though.

Anyway, these storage boxes aren’t meant to be used as litterboxes and the plastic doesn’t last more than a year or two. So periodically Finney gets a new one.


I’ve Changed My Mind a Little About Public Shaming

I think [Name Removed] Capital Management Group LLC just told me to go f**k myself. It’s like the non-apology apology. As you will see, they really don’t want to be of assistance to me. I have a teeny SEP/IRA with them (that I totally forgot about) and I got a K-1 in the mail from them yesterday. Except I’d already filed my taxes. I’m actually quite sympathetic to getting these out late, I get them out late for Echo every year, but less than two weeks before taxes are due? So I emailed them about it and this was the response I got:

Hello Stacy,

Thank you for contacting Partner DataLink for [Name Removed] Capital Management Group LLC. I am sorry but PTPs are not mandated to issue K-1s until prior to April 15th.

Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.


[Name removed]
Partner DataLink for [Name Removed] Capital Management Group LLC

Translation: We don’t send them out to you in a more timely fashion fashion because we don’t have to. Anything else I can not help you with? I didn’t think so. Don’t write again.

Actually I don’t even need to translate. Their message is completely transparent. They apparently want me to know just how little they think of me and my teeny SEP/IRA. Okay, this shaming is not quite so public since I removed identifying details. I’m more outing the behavior than the specific company and person. Although I guess this is a bit of a luxury problem.

Pigeons and other birds in Union Square, except these are not real! They are made of felt. I love these! The artist, Tina Trachtenburg, even included a fake slice of pizza. The way one of the starlings was posed you could just feel the longing.

Pigeons Union Square, New York City

A Cat Picture

Because I’ve been posting nothing but pictures of dogs lately. Although a new person moved in one floor down and she has a rat terrier. Now I want a rat terrier. I fell in love with the little thing the instant I saw it. Googling the breed … okay, absolutely adorable but the wrong breed for me. Needs tons of exercise, likes to dig. Back to chihuahuas.

Here is little Bleecker, momentarily not wreaking havoc in the apartment. Except you can see from the look in his eye that it’s just a matter of time before he gets his millionth wind.

Come to think of it, if I am okay with the ricochet rabbit-like tendencies of cats, going ping-ping-ping up and down and all around the apartment, I should be okay with an excitable dog.

Bleecker on the Couch