Separations – Necessary Evils?: A Memoir

Liso Starrett Memoir
Another friend has written a book! Liso Starrett, who was a fellow volunteer down at the WTC site during the recovery period, has written a memoir called Separations – Necessary Evils?

“Liso Starrett’s soul, radiant and yearning blazes through her book. Through looking at separations in her life and those of her patients she discovers spiritual growth and inspires us all.”
—Cynthia Magriel Wetzler, writer, contributor to the New York Times.

From The Millbrook Independent: Liso Starrett’s first book is out of the printers and is now in local bookstores. It is called “Separations, necessary evils?” and is about the moral and psychological implications of change, leaving, breaking up, families, and perhaps of growing up and growing old. There is a touching and insightful description of her own experience of the 9/11 catastrophe. Much of life involves separations, sometimes the result of conscious decisions and sometimes not.

Dr. Liso Starrett has been a Board Certified Chaplain for over ten years.

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