Mosquitos and the Kite Patch

Every year I go to war with mosquitos. A mosquito or two will feed on me throughout the night, and as the bite starts to itch I wake up. I end up waking up over and over and over. It’s no sleep for me during the mosquito season which is in the fall based on my posts. I’ve done everything I can to block every single crack around my windows, but they still get in. No repellent I’m willing to use works.

For this reason, the company Kite is my new best friend. I read this very great article about them in the Times and now I anxiously await their product. They’re so nice, too. I emailed them to ask if they were going to come out with a version for pets, and I felt a little sheepish asking, since they are trying to eliminate a problem to save lives. But they answered!

“We cannot definitively say whether or not there will be a pet option (proprietary information), but we do anticipate (not having done any testing whatsoever) that there will be some carry over effect from Kite Patch that will benefit the pets.”

A sign at a park we visited after kayaking on Friday. Go to hell mosquitos.


Stacy Horn

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