Holiday Cleaning, One Thing Left

I planned to post a picture of my fabulously clean apartment, but I wanted to have my holiday decorations up first and I don’t have the Christmas lights I wanted. They must be multi-colored, the Christmas lights of my childhood.

A street dancer in Union Square. This kid was adorable, I wish I had gotten a better shot of him. Ah! They are shoji.dance_ny and I found better shots of them and some videos here.

Street Dancer, Union Square, New York City

Holiday Cleaning

I’ve been busy with my big, yearly Holiday Cleaning. But I did run out to run some errands, and Bleecker Street is starting to look kinda Christmas-y, I noticed. Love that guy’s look on the right.

Bleecker Street, New York City

I was going to rant about something …

And then I went to the dentist and now my teeth hurt, and I’m tired of dental problems and pain. It’s totally ruining one of life’s great pleasures—food.

What was I going to rant about? Oh. Actually, I wanted to find a way to discuss it without ranting, because what would ranting accomplish: Syrian refugees.

I took this on the way to the dentist. It was supposed to be a picture of some Christmas decorations but then a bunch of people go into the shot. People are more interesting than holiday decorations anyway.


Choral Chameleon Benefit

I attended the Annual Benefit for Choral Chameleon last night at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brooklyn. Usually I’m singing and it was very different being in the audience, it’s a pleasure I really should make an effort to experience more often.

The theme was time, which always chokes me up to begin with, please don’t end for me time! But their singing, and the choices of music was sublime. Their upbeat, celebratory point of view pulled my I-Don’t-Want-To-Die attitude into the present and I felt glad to be alive in Brooklyn on a lovely evening listening to this amazing, inventive group.

What is so complicated about the Paris Attacks?

I keep hearing people describe the Paris attacks as sophisticated, complicated, brilliant. What is so brilliant about them? The only skills the murderers needed was the ability to tell time and operate a weapon. The plan itself? Be at such and such a place, check your watch, and at such and such a time, kill people. Finding someone who knows how to make bombs? How hard can that be? We have a world full of angry deranged people. Put the word out. The same with buying weapons.

I agree that the attacks are getting increasingly unnerving, but I don’t see them as growing in sophistication so much as variety. They are not criminal masterminds. They’re just more fucked up than anyone else and persistent.

I just read very insightful comments from Susie Bright about the way in which they are fucked up. She was responding to the statement of the group who will now be called Daesh claiming responsibility, and references information about the group from this New York Times article.

Voila, the “manifesto” of the Paris suicide bombers, in their own words (see below).

Their obsession with sexual revenge, the revenge of the sexually rejected, is intense: They referred to the Bataclan nightclub as a place where where hundreds of “apostates” had gathered in a “profligate prostitution party” — that means a rock concert.

Bohemian Paris is on top of ISIS’ target list because it is the country of “obscenity and perversity.” Again, it’s Paris’ mythic reputation for the libertine, for free sexual exchange, for romance and unashamed ecstasy.

This “faith army,” this death cult built on sexual repression masked as religious purity– has a detailed manual about how to run a sex-slave market of their war captives, including rules of inheritance. Essentially, you can’t be a soldier in their army unless you buy into the faith that beautiful women everywhere are taunting and rejecting you, but you will teach them all a lesson by enslaving and raping them all day long — same with young boys. Everything “depraved” is holy when you’re inflicting it upon a slave — makes perfect sense, right?

At some point your Grand Wizard arranges a marriage with an appointed virgin your parents picked out for her dowry. She is of no erotic interest; she is a nonperson except as your baby-receptacle and income source. Siring sons is her husbandry.

Meanwhile, you monitor all the women’s menstrual cycles and the puberty of the young boys and girls in your slave pen so you can be sure to rape the right person on the most advantageous day, repeatedly shouting God’s name when you come.

VOMIT. Vomit. Vomit.

Every fundamentalist religion today is running on the fumes of sexual psychosis. They are huffing and huffing and huffing until they annihilate everything including themselves.

Thank you Susie Bright. From this year’s Gay Pride Parade. Thought this picture was appropriate.

Gay Pride Parade, New York City, 2015