Thank You, Person of Interest

And my heart breaks yet again, as a beloved tv show says goodbye. I have to say though, that was one of the most emotionally satisfying finales I have ever seen. Incredible work from everyone involved with this show (actors, writers, crew). Thank you so much. I will miss you all terribly. I ask for the millionth time, why must everything come to an end?? If you love something, you’re going to lose it some day. Guaranteed. I think we can all agree that sucks.

Also, as far as I can tell this show has never gotten a lot of critical attention, but it really evolved into an amazing work of art. I was just remembering how much I hated, HATED, the character Root. She started out as a bad guy, and Amy Acker is such a good actress I couldn’t bear watching her. I wanted her character killed off as soon as possible. But they brought her back and she slowly became a good guy, showing how redemption is done. Every character showed this actually, but I had forgotten how much I hated her. Anyway, sigh. Sob.

A pile of sleeping cats on my desk. That’s two heart breaks in my future unless I go first.


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