My Old Panasonic CT30WX15 TV Broke

It’s eleven years old, so I can’t complain, it served me well. But I am absolutely freaked out at how much I spent. I can’t really afford it. I even tried to fix it. I took the back off, which was an insane amount of work, it’s this massive thing. I really should have taken pictures. I have one of the first HDTVs that came out, which were still the old CRT/tube style. It weighs 140 pounds! That in itself is causing another issue. How I’m going to dispose of it?? If I could even get it downstairs, I can’t just leave it on the street for pickup.

Anyway, I took the entire back off, replaced a fuse inside, but it didn’t fix the problem. I was so disappointed. I really thought I was going to be my own handyman to the rescue!

John Legend, and a shot of some of the audience, at the Westfield World Trade Center shopping center. The girl second from the right had an expression of bliss the whole time.

John Legend, Westfield World Trade Center

John Legend, Westfield World Trade Center

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2 thoughts on “My Old Panasonic CT30WX15 TV Broke

  1. Looks like Best Buy, for one, has some pretty good deals right now. AND, they’ll haul away your old TV for about 15 bucks when you take delivery of a new one.
    I assume the new TV would be a flat screen so where will Finney lie to warm up in the winter? But the slimmer size of the new TVs is actually pretty fantastic. Last time I bought one (granted it was pretty small), I was able to take it home on the bus without any help and carry the box with one hand by its little handle. And I no longer needed my TV “armoire.” It now sits in my garage because no one in their right mind would buy a piece of furniture that size just to house a TV.
    Best of luck finding a good deal!

  2. I actually ended up buying my tv from Amazon. I didn’t know Best Buy would have hauled away my old tv. That would have been probably the best reason to go with them! I still have no way of getting rid of the old tv.

    And yeah, I feel for the cats who are going to lose a beloved spot. I also bought an anchor for the tv, because I’m sure they would knock i over otherwise.

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