Working at the Library

I went to the library at John Jay College yesterday to copy 295 pages of a trial transcript. Mother of God, that was tedious. The frustrating thing is, I may not use any of it! The criminal is William McGlory, and he’s already been written about, probably because there is a wealth of material out there about him, like these trial transcripts. And with so many criminals to choose from, I think I should select people who are more unknown.

John Jay doesn’t have the newest microfilm readers, but their set-up was nonetheless pretty sweet. The microfilm reader is on the top right, which was hooked up to the computer on the left, which was making the pdf of the pages for me. It was agonizingly slow, but it’s so much better to have a pdf. (I stupidly left for John Jay without eating breakfast or lunch and it took me hours.) The computer on the bottom right is my laptop, and you can see I was checking the recent polls for the election.

John Jay College Library

Quit Making Such Great TV People, You’re Killing Us!

“The more television you watch, the greater your risk for a fatal blood clot, according to a new study.” The full article/post here.

I just binge watched Stranger Things. I was up until 3 in the morning. Thank you, Duffer brothers and everyone involved. The whole thing just made me happy. Also, thank you everyone involved in making Preacher and Brain Dead. The number of incredibly talented people out there working, and I get to benefit, except for the fatal blood clot thing, just blows my mind. It made me want to try developing a tv show again myself, except I have to finish this book first and I would like to see if I can write a great book which becomes a best seller, at least once in my life, God damnit.

I love walking through this underpass on my way to the library at the New York Academy of Medicine. I almost wrote the Academy of Music, where I went to concerts in my youth, long gone (it became the Palladium, and was later demolished by NYU).