So, Thank You!

November 24th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized

He’s still here. Hair’s growing in. Everyone I love is okay. Despite the odds against it, I exist.


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  2. By Skyler Walker on Nov 24, 2016


  3. By Julia on Nov 26, 2016

    The odds are amazing, when you think of them, universally.

    On Friday, I went to the colloquium lecture which was about Martin Luther’s 16th century criticism of superstition in the Catholic church, and heard about how he disagreed with people trying to get to ‘know’ God or what God wanted. I liked this bit of a quotation from 1520, from the Treatise on Good Works: [when men look to superstition] “for that which should be sought and found in God alone through a pure faith and a simple confidence, in cheerful meditation and calling on his holy name.” It reminded me very much of Buddhist or other meditation, where you don’t seek specific answers, but try to accept what the universe has in store for you. It’s not fatalism, but it is calming.

  4. By Stacy Horn on Nov 28, 2016

    Thank you Skyler and Julia.

    It’s really the only thing in life you have control over, not what happens but your response to it.

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