February 17th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorized

LOL in this case refers to: little old ladies. Something I will be in a few years or so. I’ve been walking practically all the way east every day to feed the cats of a couple of friends while they are away. I couldn’t help noticing that there are a lot more little old ladies on the east side then there are over here by me. Why is that?

Oh. Duh. The East Village has more affordable housing. I’m lucky to have a rent stabilized apartment, because my neighborhood is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in New York City, and in the country probably as well. But the East Village is a thousand times more diverse than the West Village, in all respects; age, income, race, and, as a result, it feels more alive.

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  2. By Julia on Feb 17, 2017

    How do you not have even remains of snow anywhere in the ground!?

  3. By Stacy Horn on Feb 21, 2017

    Ha! No, it must have rained or something. But it’s also been insanely warm.

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