Oscar Night!!

One of my favorite tv day/night of the year. I watch the pre-pre-show, then the pre-show and of course the show. This year I’ve seen a lot of the movies so I have opinions. The ones I missed: Hacksaw Ridge, because it’s Mel Gibson violence-porn, Hell or High Water, (I started it but couldn’t stick with it) and Fences, because it looked too much like a static play. Two that I didn’t watch but wish that I had: Captain Fantastic and Loving. Loving looked too upsetting, and I wasn’t even aware of Captain Fantastic.

Update: I watched Captain Fantastic and I’m now rooting for Viggo Mortensen.

I found this stray photograph, misfiled. I forgot to note the date. It could be from last year. We had a decent snowstorm last year. But this is my block.

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5 thoughts on “Oscar Night!!

  1. I love watching the Oscars too. (I also watched the Golden Globes and enjoyed it very much.) Over the years, I have given up on most of the pre-show stuff but maybe I will give it a whirl again this year. Unlike you, I haven’t seen ANY of the films, although I have heard about them. I heard about Captain Fantastic and thought it would be interesting because of the survivalist/minimal living aspect, as well as the loving parent and doughty kids angle. And of course, Viggo is fairly easy on the eye.

  2. Hi Stacy! I just wanted to encourage you to watch “Loving”–it’s very understated and well done and the acting is wonderful. I had the same fear as you but I didn’t find it upsetting.

    P.S. I enjoyed Captain Fantastic, too!

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