Maybe the iphone Camera Doesn’t Completely Suck

I took a quick, test shot with my iphone yesterday (I have the 5C.) It isn’t awful. A picture of Finney didn’t come out as well. The iphone doesn’t perform as satisfactorily with movement, it seems. But I’ll try a bunch of shots today when I go out. If I get out. I still have a lot of facts to check. A massive amount really.

It would be so great if there was an Academy Awards for books, with categories like “Best Research,” and “Most Research.” I’d be in the running for Most! I have to check a fact, and often more than one, in practically every sentence. Sob. The research was so much fun to do at the time. I haven’t had to change much, but every once in a while I come across a cool bit of information and I can’t find my note on the source. That just kills me. I can’t use it if I can’t back if up. I must have made thousands of notes, so it’s not surprising if some are missing (or misplaced, or accidentally deleted) but, damnit!

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2 thoughts on “Maybe the iphone Camera Doesn’t Completely Suck

  1. Thank you for the salutary reminder about research notes! As I begin to work on my thesis, I need to keep extensive notes for where I am finding my information. I got a copy of Umberto Eco’s How to Write a Thesis which he wrote in the ’70s and have been keeping notes on alphabetized index cards as he suggests. I also have Scrivener but am not yet writing, so for now I am using paper. (I just went looking for Eco’s book and can’t find it and now I think I lent it to someone but I don’t know who – argh.)

    Sorry about your camera. I used the Nikon Coolpix for years and it finally died. Now I am using the Canon Power Shot Elph 300HS and it is fine. They are/were tiny things and I don’t have to fiddle with where-is-the-camera on my phone. I like dedicated tools, not multi-purpose things.

  2. I always intend to keep better track of where I find information, and I always do a barely passable job of it. I never learn!! I could make my life so much easier.

    Do keep extensive notes. It’s so important!!

    Thanks for the camera recommendation, I’m going to look it up.

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