An Abbreviated Holiday Walk, NYC, 2017

I dislocated a toe the other day, just as I was leaving for my yearly walk down 5th Avenue, photographing holiday windows. The rest of the afternoon was spent in a sort of ER.

However my foot felt a lot better today, so I took the E train up to 53rd and took a short walk from 59th to 48th, then back to the subway and home. I don’t love how my windows pictures came out, but I’m happy with some other shots I took.

This was my first. The subway doors opened and I saw the first of many people in a Santa hat.

Christmas in NYC, 2017

This is one holiday window shot. I don’t love it, but I loved the window (from Bergdorf Goodman, they always have great windows I think).

Christmas in NYC, 2017

In case you can’t read all of this sign it says, “Free Candy Canes for Atheists! Because Logic And Common Sense Need To Be Rewarded.”

Christmas in NYC, 2017

This one says, “If Trump Gets Dementia How Will We Know”. He’s across the street from Racist President Tower.

Christmas in NYC, 2017

Directly in front of President Who Hates the Poor Tower you are met by guys like these two. They’ve always been very nice and polite when I walk by.

Christmas in NYC, 2017

Back home, and my last shot. Santa’s helpers refilling their MetroCards.

Christmas, New York City, 2017

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