That’s Life in the Inferno of Post Modernity

Twenty-five years ago yesterday, we all watched OJ in the white Bronco. People on Echo watched and commented on it live, as the drama unfolded.

It begins (edited down a little) …

Item 550 17-JUN-94 22:31 Jonathan Hayes
That’s Life in the Inferno of Postmodernity!

550:1) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:32

This is incredible.

550:2) Ann 17-JUN-94 22:33

It’s very sad.

550:3) doktor dorje 17-JUN-94 22:33

They are reading his letter, psychoanalyzing him, and following him in a copter on 1010 WINS.

550:4) Ann 17-JUN-94 22:34

Don’t you think they’ll run out of gas soon?

550:7) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:36

I think it fascinating that this banal image, a white car moving down an empty road, should be so riveting.

550:8) Twang 17-JUN-94 22:36

You’re right Jaze — this is the I of PM at its most bizarre and fascinating…This hero is self-destructing live on CNN…

I keep thinking of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot on Sunday morning tv.

550:9) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:36

It’s like foreplay.

550:10) Twang 17-JUN-94 22:37

Great shot right now on CNN — you can almost see into the car…
Just heard they have a hostage negotiator standing by.

550:12) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:38

The radio is now nothing but a series of highway numbers and off ramps and intersections.

550:13) Twang 17-JUN-94 22:38

Interesting tidbit: they traced him via a call he made on the car phone.

550:15) Ann 17-JUN-94 22:40

I think he’s sort of heroic now, in a sad way. I mean most people watching will be so pleased if he gets to his mothers house and it will seem a heroic act. I haven’t expressed myself right. this is so bizarre. I wish he had email in the car.

550:17) Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 22:41

No, Ann, most people are wanting him to:

A) Shoot himself
B) Die in a fiery crash like in a movie
C) Be shot by the Police.

If he’s shot by the Police, THEN he’ll be a hero.


You can read the whole thing here. It’s a snapshot of history. Remember, this was 1994.

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