Fostering Jingle and Jazz

I’m fostering kittens for the ASPCA. The ASPCA asks fosters not to post pictures of the animals (aka the most precious creatures in the whole wide world, which is what I have explained to Jazz and Jingle, who were very happy to learn that they have won the most precious contest, tied with Bleecker, Bali and Bodhi, of course, and really, if we’re being honest, tied with all the other creatures of the world).

But here is evidence of their existence, in my bedroom. I have them separated here because they were dealing with a bout of conjunctivitis and colds. I didn’t want my cats to catch anything, but I also need to keep them separate until I can make proper introductions and make sure that they are safe to be left alone with the big guys.

These are girls, by the way. I’ve never had girl cats! I wonder if there will be any difficulties with them making friend with my (neutered) boys?

Stacy Horn

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One thought on “Fostering Jingle and Jazz

  1. I’ve had boys and girls together in the past with no issues.

    Now I have 4 girls – 2 calicoes, 1 orange tabby and a torbie. All FIV+; all with attitudes.

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