I Hope You’re All Resting

November 29th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

Like Bleecker. Actually, Bleecker is seriously stressed these days. He’s decided that Bodhi and Bali are the enemies and he growls and runs from them, and—GROSSNESS ALERT—he sometimes has a bowel movement in fear! It’s terrible (and gross because sometimes it happens while I’m out so it stays wherever it is until I get home). I’m hoping that it’s actually related to the kittens and will resolve when they leave. Poor Bleecker.

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  2. By rebecca on Nov 29, 2019

    I just lost my male kitty (sniff, sniff)… He had started doing the impromtu poops in the house and at times he would jump up and run!? Last week he just collapsed….gone in a few seconds. He was 14. My vet was clueless. Shiloh looked so healthy though – beautiful red and white fur. So my female cat and I spend a lot of time just snuggling on the couch. We miss him. I hope Bleecker gets his mojo back.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Dec 6, 2019

    I’m so sorry for your loss. How is your other cat taking it?

  4. By rebecca on Dec 7, 2019

    Sophie, my female kitty, is doing really well. I hear her during the night sometimes meowing low, but it doesn’t last long. So I know she misses him. Otherwise she seems okay as long as I give her my undivided attention. 🙂 She has been a comfort to me though, big time.

  5. By Stacy Horn on Dec 8, 2019

    I can’t imagine life without pets.

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