Impeachment Rallies

December 19th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

A friend of mine from our choir went to an impeachment rally instead of our yearly caroling outside the church. I wanted to join her but I got off work too late for rallying (but in time for caroling). She sent me a couple of pictures though. Thanks Barbara! It was FREEZING Tuesday night, so thank you everyone across the country who rallied. (What is with these people without hats on?? It was truly cold that night.)

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  2. By Citizen Reader on Dec 21, 2019

    Have to laugh that you noticed the people with no hats. I need a hat whenever it gets below 50 degrees, basically, so I’m always stunned that so many people seem to be able to stand really cold temps without anything on their ears!!

    Glad you had fun caroling.

  3. By Stacy Horn on Dec 25, 2019

    Exactly. And a good hat seems to make all the difference between freezing and feeling comfortable!

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