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Restaurants in New York City have really embraced outdoor dining. For now, it’s the only way to eat out. New York City hasn’t okayed indoor dining yet. We’ve always had sidewalk cafes, but restaurants are adopting various methods of getting people to pull up a chair.

I liked this one because of the shade it offers. If you’re having a meal during the day, it would be unbearable to sit in the sun. But the table is essentially in the street. It may be hard to tell in this photograph, but they’ve set up this table in a section of the street normally reserved for parking.

I was taking a picture of this set-up because it’s very old-world fancy, which made me nostalgic, when the waiter jumped into the picture. It was very cute and I thanked him.

This place is just a few doors down from where I live and I could hear the music coming in my window, which was fabulous. So I went down to listen. This is a brand new restaurant and I think last night might have been their opening night, but I’m not entirely sure about that. It’s called Dante West Village and it’s on the corner of Perry and Hudson.

This is the set-up at the White Horse Tavern, where I will never go again as long as it’s owned by slum landlord Steve Croman. Croman went to jail for mortgage and tax fraud, and he is the reason my beloved Golden Rabbit is going out of business. The White Horse also set up tables out in the street. There’s another view below.

I think this gives a better idea of where they are putting people. There’s the sidewalk, the bike lane, and these people are in the parking section.

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