I Broke My Wrist!

Ugh. It happened Monday afternoon, and was the result of doing something very stupid while exercising. The ER found one minor fracture, but they wanted me to followup with an orthopedist to check an area they couldn’t see. Since that was where it hurt the most I was pretty sure the orthopedist would find another break. I’ll know later today, but it started feeling a lot better yesterday, and even better today, so maybe there isn’t another break!

I’ve been taking it easy with exercising though. Yesterday I took a long walk, and today I’ll probably do some low impact something. Or nothing at all! What do you think about that, poor-judgement-while-exercising self?

A photo shoot I passed by on my walk.

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “I Broke My Wrist!

  1. That’s so unfortunate! Take care not to injure it further and have patience while it knits back together. I guess you have some kind of wrap for it.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. Having patience is the hardest part. I have to modify all my exercise routines, which is not a complaint really, but I’m an over-achiever, which is how this happened in the first place.

    The doctor had a custom splint made for me, which is better than a cast. I can at least take it of for a few minutes here and there to give my arm a break.

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