Disturbing a Cat (Not Done)

A book review had this line, it was a loving tribute to her cat, it went something like, “to (cat’s name), who sat on my work for 18 years.”

When I was organizing my Duke papers, I’d start with a decade, and make one pile for each year. The cats would come and pick a pile and sit on it. I’d have to make alternate piles. So 1952 became 1952 and 1952B, and so on. And I have two cats.

Except – I’M DONE. So there! Take that cats! Go find a magazine or book I want to read and sit on that! That’s right. No more piles of papers. I’ve foiled you this time, cats.

Here is Finney in a relatively benign spot. On top of a box on top of the armoire. He loves that box.


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2 thoughts on “Disturbing a Cat (Not Done)

  1. Yes, cats love little boxes. Also medium-size boxes. Even big boxes sometimes. They also love large paper bags. While sitting on the table recently, one of our cats saw a large paper bag open on a chair just beneath her. She jumped into it, but didn’t consider its balance. Alas! She and the bag ended up on the floor. But, being a cat, she emerged with a look of “Aren’t I clever? That’s the trick I meant to do all along!”

  2. I love cats and their box obsessions. Except it makes me feel guilty when I throw them away.

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