What is wrong with you, America??

First you elect Bush, TWICE, and now this?? I’m so depressed that Travis didn’t win. Benji is very sweet, I can see the appeal, not just see it, I like him too, but come on. Benji is a great dancer, a great great ballroom dancer. But ballroom aside, Travis is the better dancer. And not just a little better. There were a couple of routines where he genuinely moved me, there was so much expression in his body. Benji made me smile, but Travis made me smile AND also broke my heart.

I also want to put in a good word for Ivan. I agreed with Mia Michaels, who is very articulate, I love her comments, she is extremely good at explaining each dancer’s strengths and weakness, but she said she cried when he was voted off. Ivan was another one who broke your heart.

But here are Travis and Benji, the two top dancers. Congratulations to both of you and thank you “So You Think You Can Dance.” You are my new favorite reality TV show.

[Video removed because the link no longer works.]

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2 thoughts on “What is wrong with you, America??

  1. Yes, it’s ridiculous that Travis didn’t win, he was by a light year the best dancer of all. Even though I kind of expected Benji to win, I was still quite upset. But logic never or rarely prevails when the public at large makes the decisions, does it?

    Anyway Benji will likely be very happy dancing with Celine Dion’s hoofers for a year. And the 100,000 bucks won’t hurt.

    Maybe Mia Michaels or one of the other choreographers will hire Travis. It’s so hard to make a living as a dancer, but Travis is so wonderfully amazing, he MUST have more exposure and a brilliant career.

  2. I was thinking the same thing! You were the one that said losing wasn’t such a bad thing if winning meant dancing with Celine Dion for a year, and I had to agree. So like you I was thinking, instead, Travis will now get work with all these other choreographers, and hopefully much better job. Hopefully with Mia! I love her routines! And again, I loved listening to her comments to the dancers.

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