St. Paul’s Chapel

September 11th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized


This is the back of St. Paul’s Chapel, where I volunteered during the recovery effort. The city put up this ramp so people could look into the hole where the towers once stood. It always struck me, watching people walk over one graveyard to look into another. This must have been taken in the Spring of 2002.

I’m heading down to St. Paul’s Chapel later. I hope to see lots of old friends and have happy pictures to post tonight.

My choir director, John Maclay, sent out some very moving email about the times we live in, and making music in these times. He had a number of great quotes, but I liked this one of Robert Shaw’s best. “Might not the arts be not the luxury of a few, but the last best hope of humanity to inhabit with joy this planet?”

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