I Want Art

November 6th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

auction.jpg I’m meeting my friend Marianne at an auction to benefit Aperture in a couple of hours. I have no money to bid, alas, but if I did I would bid on this photograph by Walter Martin and Paloma Mu’oz. Isn’t it wonderful and sad?

Look at their work! I’m embarrassed to admit that I never heard of them, which doesn’t say anything about them, of course. There was a time when I used to go to galleries all the time, but it’s been years and years. Now I only go from time-to-time. Oh God, I’m going through their recent works. They are stunning.

Okay, now I not only want a husband I want a rich husband who will buy me art.


(I mean I would love an art-giving husband, but it’s not a requirement.)

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  2. By neander your friend on Nov 6, 2006

    Oh my god, those snowglobes!

  3. By Stacy Horn on Nov 7, 2006

    Aren’t they amazing?? You think they’re going to be sweet, and some are, but they are mostly sad and horrifying. Wisconsin Death Trip in a snowglobe.

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