The Sixties

Another photograph is missing! I don’t know where it went!

This is the enduring image of the sixties for me. I think I had a lighter with this picture on it (it’s from a Robert Indiana painting). It makes me happy, just looking at, although the time period was not all that great for me.

But I’m up to the sixties now with this book, and I’m researching LSD. Apparently all the parapsychologists were doing it! Okay, not all, but the people I’m writing about experimented with it a little, and really, who knew? It’s just bizarre, to me anyway, this cross-over in cultures. I’ve got letters from Huxley and other early experimenters, talking about all the other early experimenters, and mediums comparing their trance states to tripping! Can you believe it?

My American Idol thoughts for the day. I just do not like Antonella. Not only can she not sing, but she has this off-putting, entitled attitude. Last week it was comparing herself to Jennifer Hudson, and this week, when Simon tried to tell her the truth as graciously as possible, she was just prissy and dismissive in return. She’s pretty clueless, but unaware that she is clueless, and is unpleasant about it. Melinda is the best, but I want her to start owning her talent. I appreciate that we can’t change our self-image over night, if at all really, but I want her to stop acting amazed and grateful that someone hasn’t kicked her or something when she faces the judges.

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2 thoughts on “The Sixties

  1. My thoughts exactly! I’m so glad that Antonella finally got booted. As usual mistakes were made by the public in their voting, but not regarding her. Her attitude was such a turn off. You just wanted to slap her. I thought it was very interesting that Ryan didn’t even have the judges comment. That said it all. And, as good as she is, Melinda has to do something about how she portrays herself or my guess is it will end up being a turn off too and she’ll be gone.

  2. Remind me to tell you what I know about Huxley and his LSD experiments in the late 50s-early 60s.


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