The Problem is, I am Always in Close Proximity to a Cat

Cats have incredibly accurate inner clocks. I knew it must be four o’clock because here are Finney and Buddy, hovering, as they always do every day when it gets close to 4 p.m., their feeding time. Look at those faces.

Finney: “Food, food, food, food, food, food. Hello? Are you still sitting there?? Do you not see what time it is? Food, damnit.”
Buddy: “What he said.”


And here is a cartoon, from the always fabulous and charming xkcd, which nicely explains this blog.


Oh God I love that. I’ve cracked up everytime I get to, “You’re a kitty!” Because every cat owner knows that we totally get that idiotic. It’s true.

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4 thoughts on “The Problem is, I am Always in Close Proximity to a Cat

  1. That cartoon is hilarious. I love it! I must share it with all my cat-people friends.

    Quiet dignity deteriorates into, “You are the BABY! You. Are. The. Baby. You are the teeny, tiny baby kitteh. Yes you are! Yes you are! Can I kiss your belly?” Etc., etc., ad nauseum.

  2. I think by the looks of things you have translated Finney and Buddy’s thoughts correctly. The cartoon is very funny.

  3. Thank you, David. I took another picture of Buddy and Finney taken the next day, at the same time, just to show how clock work-y they are about it. I should post it.

    And oh GOD, Molly. Exactly. EXACTLY. You cracked me up.

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