Shades of Grey

gray.jpg It’s pretty outside my window right now, if you like grey, which I do. Rain rain rain is imminent. I rarely have anything substantial to say, it seems. I do think about things, a lot actually, but then I write all the time and by the time I get here I’m down to: “I like grey.” (“Fire bad, tree pretty.” The cool kids will know this reference!)

I wrote that at around 7 a.m. I think, and it’s 4:20 in the afternoon now.

My birthday is still a month and a half away, but I like to get all my ducks in a row and I’ve already started preparing. I scheduled a hair appointment for a few weeks before. I’m going short again. That’s the main thing. Then there will be brow appointments and pedicures, it’s nuts I know, but it gives me a nice regenerative feeling. What the hell?

Right now we’re arguing on Echo about should Virginia Tech have “locked down” the school after the first murder. I’m on the side that says we only know that the first murders were a warning sign after the fact, there was no way to know that at the time, and how do you lock down a campus anyway, and given that the killer was a student, what would that have accomplished? He could have ended up locked down somewhere with a different set of victims. But I’m all for learning what we can from the experience, and perhaps coming up with the best ways to send crucial information to all students quickly for the future (but again, in this case, that same information would have been sent to the killer).

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6 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. It’s been predicted that the sun will return this weekend. A nice end to a horrible week. I can think of worse things to do than prepare for a birthday; enjoy this.

  2. I find all this second-guessing about the Va Tech situation to be absurd.

    The real question is how someone with documented mental health problems of a SERIOUS nature walked into a gun shop and purchased firearms without the benefit of even a thirty day waiting period.

    Makeover ? A little self-indulgence (not at the expense of others) isn’t a bad thing.

  3. As to letting mentally unstable people get guns, well, we now know of one person who is dead, the VT shooter, but there are many, many people like him out there NOT getting help. Even when they try to get help it doesn’t always work and simply adds to the stigma of being mentally ill. The mental health community is just as challenged as the health community. You go in for help and you get treated quite inhumanely.

    I know, I went three and a half years going to a doctor complaining about physical pain and nerve problems. He’d blow me off until I demanded a MRI on my neck. It was ordered almost to placate me, and guess what? My neck was so messed up, I had to have surgery to repair five problems in my neck. Three and a half years…good thing I wasn’t mentally at risk.

    One more thing: Have a wonderful time being pampered. deb

  4. re: post VT tragedy; the media should not be providing mega publicity with pictures etc to the shooter; all that does is encourage the next whacko who wants to be similarly notorious

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