Could I be more insufferable?

Budeyes3.jpg My cats and I frequently have the following debate:

Me: Could you be more cute??
Buddy or Finney:
Me: I don’t think so! [I kiss the top of their heads] I don’t think so!
Buddy or Finney:

I never tire of this. This is Buddy at the moment, being as cute as is possible in the universe.

I’m in a good mood because I thought of a cool way to go with this pesky new chapter, and tonight choir practice resumes. We’re doing Mozart’s C Minor Mass, among other things. So life is good at the moment. Until I or someone else invariably does something assholish. Oh, and new TV is starting up this week. There’s that. I think Grey’s Anatomy is starting up this week. It might be a recap show though, this early. Does anyone like recaps shows? NO. In any case, thank you TV people for bringing us TV.

Entering a Modeling Contest

First, I know I’m not a model, this was just for fun. But More magazine and Wilhelmina apparently have a modeling contest every year for women over 40. There are lots of prizes and gift bags so I thought, what the hell? Unfortunately, a few things went wrong.

1. I went to the wrong address. (I wrote down Park Avenue, but it was Park Avenue South.)

2. You’re supposed to bring a picture.

3. It cost MONEY to enter. It was $25, but I’d already gotten up early and showered and trekked over to the wrong address, so I paid it.

They took polaroids of the people without pictures, but the picture they took of me totally sucked. I can re-enter by mail, which I am tempted to do, but it costs another $25, and it’s not like I could win. It all worked out in the end because they gave everyone a great gift bag full of Garnier Fructis products I actually would want and will use, and other do-dads. I’m sure it’s all worth more than the $25, so the fee was a wash.

Here are some of my fellow contestants, and the all important GIFT BAGS.

Dancing With Matt!!

First, for the record, I thought I was doing that pony-like dance the twin girls do in A Charlie Brown Christmas. I now see that I look nothing whatsoever like them. But that’s what I was attempting.


But here I am dancing with Matt Harding, of Where the Hell is Matt fame. He was an absolute sweetie. If he were my son I’d be bursting with pride. I can’t believe how stiff I look at the beginning. Or how teeny. I’m 5 feet 2 and a half!! Thank you for organizing this Matt, it was fun. Oh, and there was a whole crowd of people for the actual video. He was just nice and stayed around after and danced with anyone who wanted to dance.

Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently


I believe I’ve posted before that I keep a journal where every day I list three things that made me happy. I came home yesterday after a long day of work and my friend Jonathan had sent me this picture. This is the kind of thing that makes me happy. Below are some recent entries. I love how sometimes I have to really scrape the bottom of the barrel to find things. (But I always manage.)

– Finney doesn’t have ringworm, So You Think You Can Dance, singing with friends.
– Relief from headache following nap, phone call from Steven, grilled cheese.
– Movie with Howard, sour patch candy, People Magazine.
– It’s not hot, mangos, nice Big Brother chat.
– Orange juice, Mitford bio, toe is sprained not broken.
– Getting chosen to read names on 9/11, breakfast was interesting, a mineola orange.
– Lunch with Marianne, air conditioning, foot is much better.
– Nice lunch with Rebecca, orange had no pits, faxing with Howard.
– Relaxing in Big Brother chat, effortless food, compliment from Karen.
– Feeling hopeful because the introduction is starting not to suck, Big Brother, pomegranate.
– Chatting at the diner with Dimitra, Full Frontal Fashion, fresh air.
– My crisis of confidence has passed, Bones, help from Howard.
– Pedicure, Full Frontal Fashion, chat with Chris.
– Potato chips. That’s all I remember.
– The pleasure of curling up when really weary, the Tribute in Lights, nice comments on my blog.
– Cheese and bread, my favorite meal, a rose, my white pants came clean.
– Lovely day, probably found enough to do a chapter, pizza.

Dancing With Where the Hell is Matt?

I’m pretty sure I posted about this guy before. His video made me happy. Watch it, you’ll see. I, and about a million other people, wrote him to say we’d dance with him, and now he’s coming to New York! He sent email about where and when to be tomorrow. That picture is below.

I’ll bring a camera so I can post before and after pictures of this spot. (It’s in Central Park.) Thank you for existing, Matt!