If I Wore Heels …

Pippa.jpg … I would wear these. Natalie Portman designed a line of shoes that are made without using any animal products. They are cute and cruelty free. [The link I had to her shoes is broken now.]

Except I don’t wear heels. This is more of a public service announcement, or public service plea, to all of you who do. Aren’t these adorable?

Here’s another public service announcement. For free tickets to one of two New York City Ballet dress rehearsals, click here at 9:00am. The tickets are for rehearsals of Double Feature on Wednesday, January 30 and Thursday, January 31 at the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center (63rd St. & Broadway). Oh, I just realized, they’re dress rehearsals! Even better. From their website: Double Feature is the first full-length ballet by Broadway phenomenon and five-time Tony Award-winner Susan Stroman. Created in 2004, the ballet is a hilarious homage to the silent movie era set to the grand music of Irving Berlin and Walter Donaldson.

Why oh Why Are They Running at the Same Time?

election.jpg It’s such a difficult choice. I like Hillary, I could just re-post an earlier explanation of why I identify with her, but I like Hillary. And I want a woman to be president already. I can’t believe how backward we are in this. England, India, Pakistan, etc., all had female leaders before us.

But on the other hand, as other people have brought up, so many people hate her. Electing Hillary may keep our country at war with each other. Obama, however, might be able to un-do everything Bush and the republicans have done to divide the country and bring us back together. It’s not fair. It’s like rewarding the senseless misogyny (whenever I ask people why they hate her exactly, their reasons are vague). Also, the kids like Obama. And, as other have also pointed out, electing him might also help with the whole rest of the world hating us thing.

It sucks though. Because all things being equal I would want Hillary, no question. (The photograph is an AP file photograph by Evan Vucci.) You know, fuck it, I’m still supporting Hillary. Let people be mad. It’s a process that must be gone through and the sooner the better. Get mad, have your temper tantrum and get over it.

Getting There The Pretty Way

Saw this photograph of the 42nd Street branch of the New York Public Library on Gothamist yesterday. This is where I go to work sometimes. There are other entrances which don’t involve climbing stairs, but I always chose to go in through the front. I love climbing up and walking in through this magnificent entrance.

Yesterday I sent a blistering letter to Con Ed, the City of New York and my landlord about the gas leak. My gas is still turned off and I found out yesterday that repairs were made for everyone BUT me. Con Ed can’t turn my gas back on until my landlord makes the repairs. The City told me I had to make a new complaint, which puts me back at the back of the line. My head exploded. (It’s better now.)


The Internets Worked for Me

Curtain4.jpg Thank you everyone for the help! I bought a tension rod, and David and Nadine’s (and Julia’s via email) suggestions made me remember I had these clip things and voila! A pretty bathroom curtain.

I feel so capable!

I handed in my book yesterday, so I’m trying to do mostly fun stuff for a few days. I have to start working on this NPR piece I’m doing, but that’s fun so that’s okay. Did I mention the topic? It’s audio forensics. These are people who listen to recordings and try to solve crimes, figure out why planes have crashed, investigate terrorists, etc. Very interesting. Audio detectives. And in some cases, audio archaeologists.

I added a link to a Petfinder script, which randomly links to pets for adoption in New York. I wonder if it will ever lead to pets being adopted, but might as well try.

I Need Help From Crafty People

Curtain2.jpg I tried to hang this piece of fabric like a scarf across the top of my bathroom window, (valance? swag? what it this called?) but it didn’t work.

I’ve got it nailed up now, but it needs a curtain rod. Here is how it looks now, but I could use some advice. It doesn’t look bad in this photograph, weirdly, but I swear it isn’t quite working. How should I hang this piece of fabric?

Thank you. I’ve been going back and forth to Bed, Bath & Beyond the past couple of days. I bought a comforter, and then didn’t like it, and returned it for another. Then I bought towels but I got the wrong size and had to go back and switch them. And now I have to go back for a curtain rod. I wish I was rich so I could just pay someone to do this for me. I’m not good at this stuff and I don’t really enjoy it.