I Need Help From Crafty People

Curtain2.jpg I tried to hang this piece of fabric like a scarf across the top of my bathroom window, (valance? swag? what it this called?) but it didn’t work.

I’ve got it nailed up now, but it needs a curtain rod. Here is how it looks now, but I could use some advice. It doesn’t look bad in this photograph, weirdly, but I swear it isn’t quite working. How should I hang this piece of fabric?

Thank you. I’ve been going back and forth to Bed, Bath & Beyond the past couple of days. I bought a comforter, and then didn’t like it, and returned it for another. Then I bought towels but I got the wrong size and had to go back and switch them. And now I have to go back for a curtain rod. I wish I was rich so I could just pay someone to do this for me. I’m not good at this stuff and I don’t really enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “I Need Help From Crafty People

  1. The item in question is called a valance-and there is something called a valance rod used to hang the thing. My memory of a valance rod has (approx) 2″ legs on each end and can collapse/expand to suit the window.

    The overall effect is akin to a canopy.

    While most ready made valances have sewn folds to accept the rod, one could use drapery hooks to hang a simple piece of fabric.


  2. The easiest thing would be to get a curtain rod with the rings and clips system so you can just clip the fabric up. I just Googled “making curtain out of piece of fabric” and lots of crafty pages came up 🙂 How did we get through life before Google?
    I like the fabric. Tropical Manhattan!

  3. Stacy, on an earlier post, you said that the cleaners had lost a really nice comforter of yours. Did they ever find it? Happy New Year to you and the cats!

  4. Thank you for the suggestions! Carol, yes, but I just bought a new comforter. I go through these things pretty fast. I have to have white and white doesn’t stay white very long. Plus the cats love to poke holes in them and get the feathers.

    This new one is a down alternative, though, but not because of the cats. But because I don’t want to hurt ducks anymore.

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