My Friends Are So Pretty

From left to right, first we have the happy couple, Christopher and Ellen, then Brad and Anne, and finally Marianne. Everyone always says ‘the bride looked gorgeous,’ except Ellen really did and here is proof. I mean come on, look at her. (I had the best dress after Ellen. Strangers came up to me to compliment the dress. I think it’s because 98% of the women wore black or some other dark color and the yellow just stood out. I was like a spring flower in winter.)

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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3 thoughts on “My Friends Are So Pretty

  1. You did look like a lovely spring flower. It was a fantastic dress. Plus you accessorized beautifully.

  2. Did I mention how pretty we are? WE ARE SO PRETTY! I love that picture, too. And yes, your dress was awesome.

    I had such a good time last night. Yay Ellen!

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