I’m Not Doing Anything For Three Days


I had a picture of Buddy up on my screen when Buddy himself came over and I was about to get a picture of Buddy looking at a picture of Buddy when he moved. So this is me trying to lure him back.

Jury duty is OVER. I quite enjoyed it, but I’m happy to have a few days where nothing is expected of me. The book is handed in and accepted, my audio forensics piece has been pushed back to June, and so I thought I might take a mini-vacation. I wouldn’t actually go anywhere, but I thought for the next few days I would just do fun things. Movies, presents, flowers, nice lunches, etc.

OH! I forgot. I know everyone is going to be absolutely shocked and depressed (NOT) but my song was not chosen as a finalist for the American Idol songwriters contest. DAMNIT. Now what?? I actually have to continue to work for a living?? Honestly.

A Favorite Loser’s Lounge Moment on Film

The guy singing, Mike Fornatale, is one of the most amazing singers to ever sing at Loser’s Lounge. This was at the Loser’s Lounge Tribute to Paul McCartney. Fornatale started by singing the song, You Gave Me the Answer, and that was really sweet and lovely in and of itself, but then it turned into something else that just blew me away. I didn’t see it coming and it was just so so so great.

The video I linked to was taken down, alas.

My Book is DONE!

Okay, except for copy editing, but that’s not hard. That’s when they go through and fix the grammar and so on. Also, the legal department has to make sure I have done anything that’s going to cause us all a lot of grief down the road. But my publisher has accepted my book and it’s off we go! Now the fun part: covers, page layout, etc. I bought myself these lilacs to celebrate. (Finney, the picture slut, insisted on getting in the shot.)

Do I Look Like My Mother?

We’re talking on Echo about whether or not we look like our mothers. The women are, I should say. This is my mother (and my step-father Jim). Everyone says we look alike, but aside from the coloring, I don’t see it so much. But I have to say, as I age, I’m starting to look like she did when she was older. I’m not sure how old she was in this picture, somewhere in her 40’s, I’m guessing. Anyway, she was pretty, I think! (She died when she was 66.)